A Conversation That Can Change Your Life.

This Opportunity Is For You If You're A Woman Who's:

  • Ready to discover what's been holding you back from finding love.
  • Committed to finding your soulmate despite past pain or heartbreak.
  • Courageous, coachable, and willing to embrace change. 
Yes, I want to Apply & Schedule My Call With Bern

This Call is Not For You If:

  • You're comfortable where you are and don't want to put in the effort to change.
  • You dislike making decisions.
  • You don't believe in personal growth.
  • You find it difficult to show up on time or keep appointments.

 Answers To Common Questions:  

Why is This Call Free? 

If we meet and I feel I can help you, I'll extend an invitation for us to work together. I have many happy clients from around the world and this is typically how we first connect. 

I don't bring in anyone into my program that I haven't personally spoken with because this approach allowes me to create outstanding results with my clients.

What Can I Expect During This Call?  

During our video call I'll simply ask you a few questions to understand what your situation is, discover the root cause of your problem and and let you know if I feel I can help you and if so, what's involved. 

How Quickly Will I Hear Back From You If My Application Gets Approved?  

If we approve your appointment, my assistant will email you within 24 hours with the confirmation details for one of the times you selected.

Given my high social media reach, I often get more applications than I can process. 

If we don't feel we can help you we'll also let you know. Please be honest and thorough on your answers as this makes it easier to approve your application.

Bern, What Happens if I Don't Feel Like Moving Forward After We Speak?  

No worries, If I extend an invitation and you don't want to move forward, there are no hard feelings and ZERO pressure on my end. 

I absolutely hate "used-car sales business tactics" and believe in an abundant universe where I don't have to twist arms to have a thriving coaching practice. 

If for whatever reason this isn't your thing we'll amicably part ways and you'll still have gained valuable insights about your love life.

What Happens if We're Not a Fit?  

If I don't feel I'm the best fit to help you, I won't extend an invitation to work together. 

My business works well because I only engage in win-win transactions and synergistic working relationships

If you are ready to explore what's holding you back, I'd love to meet you.